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Lewes Community Land Trust Membership Scheme Print


Lewes Community Land Trust’ - referred to from hereon as ‘the Trust’

‘The Board of Directors, Trustees, or Management Committee’ referred to from hereon as ‘the Board’.


The Scheme

1. The Board has set up a membership scheme on behalf of the Trust.

2. Membership offered by the Trust shall entail membership of this membership scheme and no part-ownership of the Trust shall be implied by membership status.

3. Individual membership shall be open to all residents of Lewes, to all who work in the Town and to those wishing to endow land or property for the benefit of people living in the Town. Institutional membership shall be open to all businesses, government bodies, institutions, religious organisations or charities that are based in or have an office in the Town.

4. Membership shall grant certain privileges which may vary from time to time by decision of the Board and may include for the time being the following:

  • to have the opportunity to nominate up to 3 members to the board subject to annual elections at Annual General Meeting and any legal election criteria;
  • to be notified of and be able to attend meetings of the Board as an observer on request;
  • to get email updates on the progress of the Trust;
  • to receive invitations to public events (reduced entry fee when charged);
  • to have an opportunity to comment through an electronic forum.

5. Membership shall be subject to decision by the Board or an appointed delegate or panel and shall be subject to agreement to the terms of membership and subject to support for the aims of the Trust and payment of the appropriate fee. The fee shall be determined by the Board or by appointed delegate or panel and for the time being shall stand at £2.00 per annum for an individual and £15 per annum for an institution.

6. The Board shall conduct periodic reviews of the membership scheme, its agreements, its privileges and fees, and updates shall be applied in dated amendments to this Bye-law or by dated annexe or appendix to it.

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